You want someone to pay attention.

You want to be proactive.
You want connections.
You want service.
You want expertise.
You want experience.
You want honest results…without excuses.
You are not alone.

That’s why we’re here, the FX Crowley Company. We’ll help you navigate and interpret the complex world of public affairs, labor relations and communications in San Francisco and Northern California.

What You’ll Get.

Connections. Who do you need to know? Can we make an introduction for you? We have worked in San Francisco and throughout California for more than three decades, developing relationships and advancing business opportunities for and with organized labor, government and non-profit organizations. We also work with businesses that want to build their relationships with organized labor and government in a range of industries including entertainment, technology, travel and convention. We bring a roster of contacts and relationships to help you move your next project or contract forward.

Knowledge. How do you game-plan? Knowing what to expect saves you time and money and ensures better results. At the FX Crowley Company, we’ve been practicing our craft for years and have earned a reputation for detailed preparation, quality work and successful results. Working with us, you’ll get the benefit of our foresight, experience and expertise.

Accountability. The best way to build trust is through accountability. At the FX Crowley Company, honest, open and timely communications guide our practice. You expect accountability and we guarantee it. We work to reassure you and build confidence in your next project to create success.

Now you might have some questions about how we work.

If you want to build relationships with organized labor and government in San Francisco and Northern California and get results, please give us a call. We’ll meet with you and discuss the scope of your project and your budget considerations.

We’ll identify your goals and objectives for your project and create a plan and a budget to help you achieve your desired outcome. Depending on your needs, we can charge by the hour or fixed project fee.

Are you getting the best results for your organization?

Keeping your project or contract in-house makes good business sense. No one knows your organization better than you do.

• But what if your plate is already full?

• What if your challenges require an unexpected skill or resource that you are
not prepared to hire?

• What if you’re so busy reacting, you don’t have time to anticipate your next move?

Don’t know where to start? E-mail us at

If you’re still unsure, please e-mail us at to arrange for a free 15-minute phone consultation. We look forward to talking with you soon.