Building Relationships for Unions

It’s that old sinking feeling again. You just finished an arbitration and head to a negotiation with an employer who had a history of sealing a deal with a handshake. You arrive and are greeted by the first infantry division of attorneys. The employer is nowhere to be found.

Back at the office, you are juggling three other negotiations, unfunded pension liability and a stack of grievances. Have you reached the end of your rope?

Get The Help You Need.

At the FX Crowley Company, we bring over three decades of union, government and industry relationships to your toolbox. We help you think strategically and prioritize. We identify opportunities for you to expand your union’s contracts and project agreements. We have a proven track record of solving labor relations issues for unions from prevailing wage to training trusts to virtual hiring halls.

What You’ll Get.

Experience. You need someone who knows their way around organized labor who can help you see the big picture. At the FX Crowley Company, we’ve worked with labor, management and government for more than 30 years. Working with us, you’ll benefit from our experience, while we save you time and help you achieve your goals.

Expertise. You need help without a steep learning curve. At the FX Crowley Company, we share our hard-earned knowledge, skills and creative solutions acquired through years of finding and securing work opportunities for unions. With our support, you develop confidence and create success for your union’s challenges.

Commitment. You want someone who cares about your problems as much as you do. At the FX Crowley Company, that’s how we roll. We are part of your union’s team. We want to help you solve those “unsolvable” problems. We believe in what you do and are invested in your success.

FX Crowley Company Labor Relations Services Include:

Economic and Legislative Strategies
Building Relationships with Unions, Government Representatives & Industry Leaders
Contract Interpretation
Conflict Resolution
Grievances & Arbitration
Workplace Decisions
Collective Bargaining

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Take The Next Step.

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