Public Affairs

How do you get your organization an introduction? Who should you speak with to gain support for your proposal? How do you move forward when the rules keep changing?
You think you know what to do, but it’s not happening. You don’t have the time or the resources. You’re tearing your hair out. You feel stuck.

How Do You Get “Unstuck?”

At the FX Crowley Company, we save you time and money by helping you navigate the uncertain waters of local government and politics.

We open doors. We create alliances and build bridges. We take your challenges and make them ours.

What You’ll Get.

Contacts. You need connections. Not only do we bring our labor and business relationships, we bring our neighborhood roots to your project or plans. We have served on city commissions, business, labor and community boards as well as with faith-based organizations. As native San Franciscans, we bring an historical understanding of the political landscape that few consultants have.

Expertise. You’re in uncharted territory. Chances are, we’ve been there before. For more than three decades, we’ve secured contracts, legislation and project agreements with hundreds of companies, government entities and organizations. We do whatever it takes, with honesty and integrity, to get the job done.

Service. You are not alone. We are committed to you, your project, your contract, your legislation. We keep you informed every step of the way and advise you on the best course of action. We provide reliable cost estimates with a clear set of expectations. We are invested in your outcome.

FX Crowley Public Affairs Services Include:

Legislative Advocacy
Issues Management
Policy Monitoring
Public Outreach
Strategic Alliances

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Take The Next Step.

Let us help you move your project forward. Get “unstuck.”
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